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The first edition of TNT Japan (Trends in Nanotechnology) will be organized at Tokyo Big Sight (Conference tower - International Conference room), Tokyo (Japan), and is being launched following the overwhelming success of earlier TNT Conferences across Europe.

The event currently features 40 Keynote and Invited speakers from all over the World – among them: Prof. Sumio Iijima (Meijo Univ., Japan), Prof. Hiroyuki Sakaki (Toyota Technological Institute, Japan), Prof. Toshiaki Enoki (Tokyo Inst. of Technology, Japan), Prof. Yoichi Ando (Osaka Univ., Japan), Prof. Masakazu Aono (MANA/NIMS, Japan), Prof. Uzi Landman (Georgia Tech., USA), Prof. Javier Aizpurua (CFM-UPV/EHU & DIPC, Spain), Prof. Francisco Guinea (ICMM/CSIC, Spain), Prof. Andrea Ferrari (Cambridge Univ., UK) and Prof. James Gimzewski (UCLA, USA). More Info

TNT Japan will be held in parallel with nano tech 2014, the largest International exhibition on Nanotechnology. This synergy will encourage companies, universities and research centers to foster technical cooperation in the nanotechnology field. TNT Japan will help connecting companies with influential top scientists to share common objectives and drive the commercialization and the know-how of nanotechnology.

This high-level scientific meeting series aims to present a broad range of current research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology as well as related policies or other kind of International initiatives.

TNT European events have demonstrated over the past 15 years that they are particularly effective in transmitting information and establishing contacts among workers in this field.

The TNT Japan conference will keep the main fundamental features of the European editions, providing a unique opportunity for broad interaction.

Considering 2014 will be the Spain-Japan dual year and in order to encourage collaborations between those two countries a specific session will be organized.


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